General Information

The splash screen is displayed when starting an Android app. Contrary to the settings in iOS, Android requires two image files, one in portrait and one landscape format.

In addition, there is also a background color as the splash screen will be displayed with borders on Android devices. 

We recommend using a PNG file with a transparent background as splash screen. This avoids that the borders will have a different color than the image background. It has a size of 1600x2560 pixels in portrait mode and 2560x1600 pixels in landscape mode.


  • File format: Preferably PNG with transparent background, JPEG
  • Image sizes: 1600x2560 pixels portrait format, 2560x1600 pixels landscape format
  • Resolution: at least 72 ppi, better 144 ppi
  • Background color: as hexadecimal value


To customize the splash screen for the Android version of your app, please log into the Purple Manager and follow these steps:

  • Go to the App Design tab of your app
  • In the Android menu section, click the Basic Settings drop-down menu

  • Set a background color in the Splashscreen menu item 02.
  • Upload the picture with the dimensions 1600x2560 in the splashscreen portrait menue item ¬†03.
  • Upload the picture with the dimensions 2560x1600x2560 in the splashscreen¬†landscape menue item 04.
  • Save with the blue Save button at the bottom of the page

Please re-build and re-install the app on your device, for these changes to take effect.