General Information

A release version of the app for Android needs to be signed with a so-called keystore file.

It is mandatory for all apps on Google Play. To be published there, they must be signed with a keystore file. Android uses this certificate to identify the creator of an app.

During the creation of the keystore file some parameters are requested, which we highly recommend to write down or save separately, as they will have to be entered into the Purple DS Manager later. 

In particular you will need the following information:

  • Keystore file
  • Alias
  • Storepass
  • Keypass


Generating the file: The steps described below require an Apple Mac computer.


Generating a Keystore File

Open the Terminal application from the Finder on your Mac or from Applications > Utilities.

01. Go to the folder where you want to save the release.keystore file. 

(Enter "ls<enter>" to display the existing directories, with "cd <directory name><enter>" you change to the directory) 

02. enter the following line and replace "<alias>" with your data, e.g. App Name - without spaces or special characters 

keytool -genkey -v -keystore release.keystore -alias <alias> -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 10000

03. Now you can chose a password and enter it. Repeat the same entry. This password (=storepass) is important, save it in a location that you can find again at any time. You will later need to enter the password in the Purple DS Manager under Settings > Android > Storepass and Keypass.

04. follow the instructions in the terminal window: (see screenshot below)

05. Press Enter to confirm your selection, type "Yes" when prompted. If an error has occurred, enter "No". The prompt will then be repeated.

06. Enter a password (= keypass) again to create the keystore file. If you simply enter "Enter", the same password you have set above will be used (recommended).

The certificate will be created at the location you provided above, e.g. in your "MAC Username" folder.

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