In the app overview, you can configure the app according to your preferences and assign the appropriate content:

  • Overview 
    Here you can see your app's technical framework data at a glance and you can share it via the QR code or " Send App Link ". Furthermore, you can initiate the construction of your app using " Build App" .

  • Build Settings
    The certificates for building the test and live app are saved in this menu. Learn more about "Build Settings" button .

  • Basic Settings 
    Basic settings for the app such as app name and package name, definitions for platforms and device classes, content orientation, etc. Learn more about Basic Settings .

  • Content 
    Overview of your newsfeeds (channel feeds) and newsstand content (publications) along with the included articles and issues. Learn more about managing content .

  • App Design 
    The app icon, fonts, main colors, and splash screens are specified here. Learn more about app design .

  • Newsstand Design 
    The parameters for search, displaying the issues in the newsstand, and the color settings for these views are specified in this menu. The app's color scheme therefore defines these areas, so you only need to make changes here. Learn more about newsstand design .

  • Sharing 
    As soon as the sharing feature is available, you can define additional settings for sharing content from your app.

  • Dynamic 
    Here you can upload the app's custom-designed content. Dynamic content is in the menu (left menu), menu icons and HTML content are also available. Learn more about dynamic content .

  • Push / Analytics
    In this menu, your app's certificates are saved, and it can send push notifications. Learn more about push.

    Here you can search various analytic tools such as Google Analytics, Firebase, Amazon Pinpoint, or Adjust and save your user data to learn more about how your app is used. Learn more about analytics.

  • Ads 
    In the app's Newsstand, you can use your own content for a banner advertisement in the header. You can create these banners using Purple DS Composer as you do your content. In this menu, you will find templates for download and the option to upload and publish banners. Learn more about ads (advertising banners) .

  • Entitlement 
    Thanks to entitlement (conditional access system), you can authenticate your users and provide content, such as to company employees, association members, or training participants. You can link this system to Purple DS Manager via an interface. However, no payment interface is available. Entitlement is appropriate when you do not wish to sell content and this content is nonetheless intended for a certain circle of users, such as training material for employees. Learn more about entitlement .

  • Translations 
    You can adjust any text in Purple DS app, meaning you can translate it into any language and use it in your app. You can download, edit, and upload the text file and publish it to your app. Learn more about translation ,

  • App Test Users 
    In this menu you get an overview to who the app link was sent by e-mail, how long this download link is valid and how often the test version of the app has been downloaded.
     Learn more about app test users .