In the app newsstand, you can use your own area for advertisement in the header. This banner can be created using Purple DS Composer. 

You must first activate the "Use Promo Area"  (3)  option in the "Ads" menu (2). 

Note:   In order for this feature to appear in the app, the app must be re-built.

In this menu, you will find the templates for creating content in the Composer. Download the templates, unzip the file, and open the desired version (phone / tablet) with the Composer (4). 

In the lower area of the menu, you have the option of uploading and publishing the banner. If you want you can also upload a HTML file as Banner. You have to put everything in a .zip folder and it requires an index.html in this folder  as well as all locally referred assets like images and CSS  . The system converts automatically to. Pkar file.

The management of the banner works as shown in the issue area and is independent of the app. The banners for the    preview app    are uploaded on the left area (5.1 and 5.2). Banners for the    live version    are uploaded on the right.