This feature simplifies the sending of a download link to an app. For example, this allows you to invite test users. 

  1. Sending a Download Link
    • Purple DS Manager: either directly via a "Send App Link" button in the download area (1 in the image below) or via the "App test users" menu item (2)
    • You can also specify the duration of the link's validity (3)
    • In addition to the link, you can also add a personal message to the e-mail (4)
  2. Managing Test Users
    • In Purple DS Manager menu item called "App test users", you can manage everything related to this function. (2)
    • You will get a full overview of all invited users
    • In addition, the validity can also be edited by user (even after sending the e-mail)
    •  Please note that the number of downloads is limited to 50