General Information

After login you will be taken to the overview page (Dashboard) of the Purple DS Hub. The dashboard shows user-related information and current tasks (workflow module). It can also be customized.

On the left side you will find the menu, the menu items can differ depending on the user role. 

The most important standard menu items of the Purple DS Hub are:

Purple Feed 

Articles including taxonomy (categories and tags)

Purple Issue 

Optional - manages full issues


Media library or integration of an external DAM system


Visual Page Builder


Comment management or integration of Coral


Definition and management of editorial workflows including status


Optional - Creating interactive charts

App Themes 

Optional - used to manage and synchronize app themes if Purple DS app is used

Depending on the selected range of features, additional menu items are visible, e.g. for podcasts. Via "+ New -> Article" or "Purple Feed -> Add Article" a new article is created in the Gutenberg Editor.