In the Purple DS Manager you can use vouchers/coupons to unlock your content on a smartphone, tablet or web reader.

You can find this function in the main menu of Purple DS Manager.

After clicking on the button you will see the overview page of the coupon types for your team. In our case this area is still empty, because the SPRYLAB CUSTOMER SUCCESS team has not yet created a coupon type.

Coupon types define certain parameters, such as validity or number of possible devices. Once these settings have been made, the codes can either be generated automatically or uploaded with a file.

01. Creation of a coupon type

After clicking on the blue NEW button, you will be taken to the settings area for your new coupon type.

Below is a brief explanation of the fields:


By default your team is selected here, in which your apps, publications and content are managed


Here you can set a unique naming for the coupon type

Nr Coupons (redeemed)

Here you can find in brackets how many times a code was redeemed. Please note that the code is considered redeemed only when a user downloads content/ issue on a device from the app.

Maximum number of devices

Here you define on how many devices the coupons can be used. Please note that entering a code on a device does not "consume" it. Only the download of content on a device triggers the count.

Maximum number of issues

Here you define the maximum number of issues the coupon can unlock. 

Validity start/end

The validity period determines the area in which content is activated by the coupon.

Redemption time start/end

The redemption period determines the time range in which the coupon can be redeemed.

To separate the terms validity and redemption period a little bit more clearly, the following example will help:

Example: Christmas promotion

For Christmas, we would like to offer customers the opportunity to get access during the entire month of December as a gift. All issues from the first quarter of the current year should be readable. Here, you want to have an active coupon from December 1st to December 31st (redemption period) and thus activate the contents of the first quarter, that is, from January 1st to March 31st (validity period).

Exclude last active issue

If a coupon should not unlock the current/last issue, but only become active with the next issue, this field can be activated.

Only for current issue

This point should only be used if a specific case occurs. 

If you want to give the reader access to a single issue by means of a coupon, this field is activated exclusively. The validity period and redemption period must be left empty here.

Example: Single issue

The customer has received a code and redeems it for the June 2020 issue. Thus, this code is forever linked to this June issue and does not unlock anything else. If, for example, the app with the corresponding content is uninstalled, installed one year later and the coupon is redeemed again, the June 2020 issue is activated again.

The last step is to select the publications that can be unlocked with the coupon type.

02. Creation of coupons for the coupon type

Now that we have created a coupon type, you can create the first coupons. 

You can provide self-created coupon codes with an import file in Excel format. You can download the file here in the Purple DS Manager or at the end of this article (CouponTemplate.xlsx) :


Here you can adjust the parameters of the coupon type

Change Team

This button is not available to users

Export coupons

With this button you download an Excel file with all coupons, including information on how many devices the code has already been redeemed.

Generate coupons

With this function you can easily create a large number of coupons. The advantage here is that no duplicates are created, which can happen when you fill the coupons manually.

Number of codes

Here you define the number of codes to be generated

Code prefix

Here you can specify a prefix that will be placed before any code (for example: sprylab123456)

Code suffix

Here you can define a suffix to be placed after each code (for example: 123456sprylab)

Variable length

Here you can define the length of the coupon string (4-10 characters)

Use numbers

Here you can decide whether numbers become part of the code

Use letters

Here you can decide whether letters become part of the code

Click on Generate codes to generate the codes according to your specifications.

Delete all coupons

Caution:With this button you delete all codes that are assigned to this coupon type.