Basically, the Purple DS Composer has access to all fonts installed on your computer.

All fonts used in the project, however, must be loaded into the Purple DS app, so they are displayed correctly in the app.

  • Make sure all fonts are used in TrueType Fomart (.ttf)
  • Make sure you have the right to use the fonts in the app (correct licences etc)

  • Save all fonts in a folder without subfolders
  • Compress all .ttf files, the folder itself must not be compressed
  • Upload the .zip archive to your app in Purple DS Manager;
    • Switch to your app
    • Open the App Design menu
    • Under "General / Basic Settings" you will find the entry "Own Fonts"
    • With the button "Select file" you can upload the created .zip archive
    • Then save the changes, otherwise they will be discarded
    • After that, the app has rebuilt, so you have to   restart the   process

You may get an error message about missing fonts after opening the app on your device. The error displays the name of the font you are looking for. In this case, please compare the displayed name with the font you are using and packed in the .zip archive. The spelling includes special characters and spaces must match exactly, otherwise no assignment in the app is possible.