General Information

In the teams menu of Purple DS Manager, you can manage your team members including their access permissions. If you do not have a team account yet, you can have your Purple DS account converted into a team account. The sprylab Support Team is more than happy to assist you.

You can collectively work on apps and publish content in a team account. In addition, you can invite and manage team members and assign every team member to a user role (permissions).


In the team menue of the Purple DS Manager you will find the Tabs Members and Overview.  

The Overview tab is where you find contact and billing information as well as a list of apps and publications in your account. In most situations, you will not need to make any changes here. 

The Members tab is where you can invite or remove team members and can also set their individual editing permissions. 

Inviting Members

The first page of the Members Tab contains a list of your team members. To start adding a new member, click the blue Invite button.

This opens a form where you can set the privliges for your new team member and send them an invitation to your team via e-mail. 

  1. First enter the e-mail address of the person you want to invite (1).

  2. Now assign the user roles the person should have. There are three different roles with different permissions to make changes in Purple DS Manager (2).
    • Account Admin
      In this role a user has the most extensive rights. He has the possibility to create new apps, invite further members and make changes to the rights of other team members. This role also includes all rights of App Admin and Editor.
    • App Admin
      In this role a user can manage all apps assigned to him, e.g. send push messages or create new publications. You can specify whether the user is allowed to manage a selection of apps ("Yes (selection)") or is not an app admin ("No") or is allowed to manage all apps ("All apps").
    • Editor
      In this role a user can manage all publications assigned to him, e.g. create new issues or publish issues in the Live App. You can specify whether the user is allowed to manage a selection of publications ("Yes (Selection)") or is not an editor ("No") or is allowed to manage all publications ("All Publications").
  3. In the field below, you can assign apps or publications to the new member based on their role (3.1). Click on the little arrow to assign an app or publication to the user (3.2). This way you can choose to give a user admin permissions for one app, and Editor permissions for the other.
  4. By clicking on "Invite" an e-mail with the invitation will be sent. If the person does not yet have a Purple DS account, registration can be started from the email.

Removing a team member

At some point, members of your team may not need to access Purple DS anymore. Here is what to do: 

  1. Open the team view and enter the members tab. 
  2. In the list of members, you'll find a little trash-icon in the last column on the right.
  3. Click the trash-icon and confirm that you want to proceed.