The function Regionalization / Categorization gives you the opportunity to show different content within a magazine to different reader groups. It is a filter that is set by the user when the app is started for the first time. For example, it can be found in the region as North, East, South, West. Another example would be an employee magazine displaying different information for different departments.

Only individual pages can be exchanged and displayed within the main issue, but there can be multiple pages exchanged.

The category / region selection menu is displayed the first time the app is started. This allows the user to select which category or region they wish to subscribe to. The user can call up this menu again via on Action URL - you have the option to insert this URL into the app menu.


The following example is designed to help you understand paged regionalization and how it works:

In an 8-page issue, pages 4 and 5 can contain specific information for each of the North, East, South and West regions. When the user opens the app for the first time, they select their region (or department, country etc). In this example, the user selects 'North'. Then when the user opens the issue, they will seek the specific 'North' related information within the main issue.

How to create regionalized content:

Create the main edition and the regional pages of the Purple DS Composer

Define the alias and placeholder pages in the Purple DS Composer

Create the list of categories or regions in a text editor, including the associated tags. Save this as to .xml file. Insert the created list into the dynamic content of your Purple DS Manager

In the Purple DS Manager, provide the issues with tags for the regionalization