Open the Purple DS Manager and switch to the relevant app where you will upload all the content - the main issue and all the regional / category pages.

1. Switch to the "Content" tab in the app

2. Create a new issue

3. Back in Purple DS Composer, export the first regional / category page using manual synchronization

4. In the Manager, Select "Add Content"

5. In the following menu, upload North and select the target platforms and device classes

6. In "Tag List" field, enter the "North" tag as defined in the categories.xml sheet you previously created

7. Repeat steps 5 & 6 for all other regional / category pages. Please take care to ensure the "tag" is in the categories.xml sheet (see below image for example)

8. Upload the main issue. Do not enter a "tag". This issue will be displayed without regionalized content if the category / region is selected as "General" 


  • All issues must be in the same working version 
  • With the blue icon to edit (see picture below) next to each content package, the "tags" can be accessed to check / correct. Once the issue is live (Publish in Release App), you can not edit the "tags" anymore. If they need to be edited, a new version must be created