If you wish to publish an app in an App Store, such as iTunes or Google Play, you will need the necessary developer and store accounts from the vendors and special certificate information, depending on the platform. These sign the app, give it a unique name, and link them to your developer account. 

There are different certificates depending on the platform and what you want to offer in this app.

  • iOS
    • In order to build a release version of your   iOS app   you will need an   App Build Certificate (P12)
    • If you want to use push messaging in your app you will need a   push certificate (Production)
    • If you want to offer in-app purchases (IAP) you will need a Mobile Provisioning Profile

  • Android and Kindle (Android and Kindle are based on the same basic structure. However, the app is uploaded to different stores [Android=Google Play, Kindle=Amazon Appstore])
    • In order to build the Android release app you need a keystore file and an alias key 
    • If you also want to use push messages in the Android release, you'll need a Firebase project in a Google Account, which connects to the app in Manager
    • We do not support push messaging for Kindle
    • In-app purchaseare available in your Google or Amazon Developer Account. No additional certificate is needed

To sign your app with certificates, please follow the links below for the individual platforms: