Template 6.3

Android Support: 5.0 (Lollipop) - 11.0 (Q)

iOS Support: iOS 11 - iOS 15

New features:

1. General

Firebase Analytics: Screens are no longer automatically tracked

Only configured screen-events are being submitted. Automatic tracking has been deactivated. Additionally, screen-events kann be submitted with further parameters.

2. Android

Support for adaptive launcher-icons

Android App-Icons do now support the new version of the adaptive app-icons. Existing App-Icons need to be updated. You can find more information here: Adaptive App Icons for Android

Support for Google Play In-App Reviews

Users can now submit ratings for the Google Play-Store directly through the app.

Support for Google Play In-App Updates 

Forced updates kann be now triggered directly in the app. The user will get notified about an update and can run it without opening the Google Play-Store.

Support for the App Bundle-Format 

From August 2021, new apps need to use the newer versions of the App Bundle-Format. Therefore, the Build-Process as been aligned. It can be downloaded as an AAB-file in the Purple Manager now.

3. iOS

Mandatory IOS 14 Privacy Alert about App Tracking

With iOS-version 14, the Privacy Alert, that asks users to allow app-tracking is mandatory. It contains the option to accept or decline app-tracking, which concerns also the integrated SDKs. In case of rejection, users will not be tracked anymore. You can find more information here: iOS - User Privacy Dialog

4. HTML Storefront Development

JavaScript-API: Bookmarks

Bookmarks can be created via API from outside of the content.

JavaScript-API: Introductory Pricing in store-API

Introductory prices can be set up. 

JavaScript-API: Status for automatic extension of subscriptions in the catalog-API 

The information whether the automatic renewal for subscriptions is active, will be transmitted.

JavaScript-API: Status of the expiration of subscriptions and automatic continuation of paused subscriptions in catalog-API

Expiration date and auto resume date for subscriptions are being transmitted.

JavaScript-API: Switching the appBrowser-API to Promises

The app browser API has been changed to a Promise-based API.

JavaScript-API: Publications can be filtered now by their language in the catalog-API

The language of publications can be queried and filtered.

5. Supported 3rd Party SDK-Versions

Android Version
iOS Version
Adobe Mobile4.
Appboy / Braze10.
AT Internet2.
AWS Pinpoint2.
Buzz SDK3.
Facebook SDK
Play Store Billing Library3.0.1/
SourcePoint CMP5.