Purple DS provides a preview version for each released issue. In this preview version the user can freely read a certain number of pages of the respective issue without restriction. 

Preview-Download window in Purple DS

After the number of free pages has been exceeded, a paywall is displayed and the content is set illegible with a blur.

Paywall window and blurred content


The preview function is set to the desired number of unblurred pages using the Purple DS Importer configuration file, the "".

If you have no experience with the configuration of this file, you are welcome to contact us and we will help you with the setup.

Setup of the

2 parameter entries are required to set up the


This parameter sets the number of pages (without the cover page) for the preview version. If no value is assigned, the complete output is processed, but this is not recommended due to the download size.


This second parameter determines the number of pages that are displayed without blur and without the paywall as in the full version.


For the complete preview version the first 6 pages and the cover should be used. Only the first 4 pages should be fully available without blur, from page 5 and 6 on the pages should be unreadable and the purchase note should appear.

The correct configuration therefore looks as follows: