1. General Information 

This new type of product in Publications unlocks all issues except the current issue when purchased. This feature allows you to generate special offers for already released content, like: “Pay 10€ and get the whole collection of issues that have been published until now.“

2. Requirements

3. Instructions

Follow these steps to set up a "Complete your collection" product in the Purple DS Manager.

  1. Go to Purple Manager and visit the overview page of your app. Make sure your app is at least on build template 7.0.

    If you already have a release version in the app stores that has been built with an older template version, e.g. 6.1 you will need to update the app and submit a new version.

  2. Click on the three-dot menu on the upper menu bar. Click on Subscriptions/Products.

  3. On the Subscriptions/Products page, scroll down to the products section and klick the blue New button to create a new product.

  4. Scroll down to the field Type and choose the type Completion.

  5. Chose the platform for the new product: iOS or Android.

    Important: You have to create a product for each operating system/platform separately. If you want to have a product for iOS and Android, you have to do the steps 3 – 8 for each of them.  


  6. Next to Name, insert the name of your product. Optional insert a description in the Description box. Into the box Product ID, paste the previously created product ID from the app or play store (see requirements in this documentation). Please make sure that the entry matches exactly with the spelling used in the Stores.

  7. Scroll down to Assigned Publications. Choose the publication for your Complete your collection product by clicking on the arrow next to it. The latest issue (which will not be included) will be based on the publication dates across all selected publications.

  8. Click on the blue Save button on the right hand of the bottom of the page. Now all chosen publications will be unlocked to the user except the current issue when purchased.