General information

The general setup of Purple DS apps can be done in the Basic Settings section. In this article we'll cover the most important settings. If you have any questions about specific settings, please feel free to contact us.

1. Team

This option is only available to Sprylab support staff. It's relevant if a customer has several teams and an app may need to be moved.

2. App name

This is the name of the app as it will be made available in the respective store.

3. Build Template

Here you select the App Build-template. In general, we suggest to always select the most current template, since it contains the latest fixes and updates.

4. Use clolor scheme

This setting determines whether a color scheme in the App Design settings will be enabled, so that your app colors will be set according to that scheme.

5. Activate Web Newsstand

This option activates a Web Newsstand, which also displays the app's content in a  browser. 

6. Web Newsstand URL

In the text field available here, enter the suffix that personalizes the generic URL for your Web Newsstand.

For example, the default URL<yourname> will look like this when you enter the suffix "newsmag":

7. domains for sharing

To use sharing domains please contact our support team.

8. iTunes shared secret 

This field is usually relevant if you move an app from another account and this app specific shared secret has not been created in your Apple account.

Chosing App Builds

In the next section of the basic settings, you can select the platforms your Purple App will be built for by activating the checkboxes.

It is useful/important to enter the URLs of the respective store entries, so the path to the store can be referenced in case of links to the app, forced updates etc.

Additional basic settings

Package name

The package name of the app that you have assigned in the respective stores is stored here. You can also store different package names for each platform.

Scheme name for deep links

Here you can define a scheme how links to the app are configured. If you have any questions on how to use this, please feel free to contact us.

Reading/Page Orientation

This option needs be set to Dynamic as this is a requirement for all iOS apps since 2020. This means, the app works in portrait and landscape mode.

Devices and content settings

Supported devices

Here you can specify the supported devices (phones and tablets). We recommend to use the setting Universal.

Content Fit Strategy

Here you set the possible content settings:

  • PDF: exact display of imported PDFs
  • Magazines: uses the largest possible area of the display - non-visible content is scrollable
  • Content Fit Inside: shows all content on one page (display)

Print subscription activation (Entitlement)

Please only activate after consulting our support.

Coupon activation

This checkbox activates the coupon feature and should be enabled

Purchase issue directly if no subscription is defined

This checkbox enables direct purchases and should be activated generally. 

"Lazy Loading" of images

If enabled, images will load gradually to enhance the performance and reading / user experience.

Offset for version code

Relevant, if there are already existing versions in the Appstore and you need to increase the version number for a submit

Enable myPass

This setting should only be activated after consultation with our support.

Enable Progressive Loading

This setting reloads content part by part and allows to download more pages while reading

App Start Point


Here you decide whether the app uses the native parts (newsstand/newsfeed) or an HTML page as starting point.

Custom HTML start point

Path to the HTML file in the dynamic resources

Show Title Bar

Shows a title bar of the IN App Browser in HTML content

HTML Onboarding

Here you can define the settings for onboarding.

Customer feedback

Here you activate the customer feedback in the app, so that users can send feedback by e-mail.

Preview settings

The Purple Manager Connect option is currently no longer in use

Automatic limitation of offline issues

With this setting you activate the automatic deletion of issues and define their maximum number.

Iterative Newsstand Synchronization

With this setting you can activate the Iterative Newsstand Synchronization, which allows to synchronizes a defined maximum number of newsstands with the first start of the app

iOS basic settings

Only iOS specific settings are described here.

iOS Presenter Tap Through

Devices and content settings

Enable Buzz

This setting should only be activated after consultation with our support.

Background Audio Mode

By activating Background Audio, sounds from other sources will still be played when using Purple Apps.

Android basic settings

Allow SD-Card usage for newsstand contents

With this setting you may use SD cards in Android devices to store content.

Web Kiosk Settings

These settings should only be activated after consultation with our support.