General Information

The app icon is located on the home screen of the respective device in smartphones and tablets.

Purple Apps require the following settings:

  • A square image in JPG or PNG format
  • Minimum dimensions 1024x1024 pixels
  • However, a size of 2048x2048 pixels is recommended, so high-resolution displays display the icons clearly.


How to add the app icon to your app is described in the section below.


In Purple DS Manager you can change or set the App Icon for the first time.

Log in to the Purple Manager and then follow these steps:


  1. Go to the App Design tab
  2. Open the General dropdown and then
  3.  open the Basic settings accordion
  4. In this menu you can see the currently selected icon. You can change it with menu item 00. App Icon. It can be uploaded in PNG and JPG format. The icon must have a resolution of at least 1024x1024 pixels. The Reset option sets the Purple DS Standard App Icon.
  5. Finally click Save at the bottom of the page, otherwise the changes will be discarded


Please re-build and re-install the app on your device, for these changes to take effect.