You can send push notifications from Purple DS Manager.

In the "Push" menu, click on "Send" to create and send your push notification in three steps.

  1. Choose Whether you wish to send a push notification to users of the preview or release app. 
    Note : The notification will only be shown if the user has allowed it explicitly, such as when installing the app.
  2. Select the platform to which you wish to send the push notification.
  3. The language option specifies whether or not it is displayed in a system or for all system languages.
  4. "Next" takes you to the next step.
  5. Enter your message. A total of 215 characters are available to you.
  6. "Next" takes you to the next step.
  7. Here you will once again see the summary of your push notification. Click on "Send Push Now" to send the message to the configured devices.