General Information

You can use Google Firebase to analyze the behavior of your App users, collect crash reports and communicate with your users. Firebase can be used for both Android and iOS apps. 

The features at a glance: 

  • Analytics: Learn how your app is used, e.g. which functions are activated or which articles are read.
  • Crashlytics: Generates error and crash reports of your app, and helps to identify and solve stability problems
  • Cloud Messaging : This allows you to send push-messages to your users, e.g. to inform them about new issues
  • In-App Messaging: Notifications that are displayed to the user when certain actions are performed in the app

To use these functions you first have to create a Firebase project. Once this is done, you can connect your app to the Firebase project.

Please follow the instructions below to create a Firebase project yourself:


Firebase Login: a free google account


To set up a Firebase project quickly, please follow these steps. If you already have a Firebase project, you can continue with the articles 02 Connecting Firebase with an iOS App and 03 Connecting Firebase to an Android app.

1. Please visit

2. In case you have not logged in with your Google account, click "Get started" complete the login. If you are logged in, continue with step 3.

3. To start the project setup, click "Add project"

4. Name your project - you're free to chose what you like here. You may need to accept the terms and conditions - then click "Continue"

5. Activate Google Analytics (or skip this if you want to do it at a later point)

6. Google Analytics account settings: Set your location and adjust the account settings if desired. Read and accept the terms of use. Select "Create project"

7. That's it. Your Firebase project has been created.