It is possible to define all or individual newsfeeds as paid content. These can be offered as a subscription.

NOTE: Single purchases of items are not possible.

You can add a subscription to a newsfeed, just as you can add subscriptions to a publication.

In addition, you have to set the desired article or all articles of the newsfeed individually as "paid content".  Unlike an issue in a newsstand, an article is not displayed if it is defined as "paid content". The article is only displayed when a user has subscribed to the corresponding subscription.

If you classify all articles of a newsfeed as "paid content", the complete newsfeed will be hidden until a user subscribes to this newsfeed.

At the same time, an article or an entire newsfeed can be protected by entitlement. As with paid content, the respective article is "hidden" and is only available after the successful login of a user. If all articles of a newsfeed are individually classified as "Content protected via Entitlement", the corresponding newsfeed will be "hidden" and will only be visible after login.