When you open this area, you will first see a list of apps you created.

  • Clicking on the App Name (1) will take you to the App Overview. Here you can configure the app according to your preferences and assign the appropriate content
  • In the second column, you will see the App Type (2). This tells you the type of app
  • In the third column, you will see what Publications (3) are assigned to an app 
  • Under App Builds, you will see what platforms (4) the app in question is available on 
  • With the tool icon (5), you can initiate a new app build (" Build App ")
  • The letter icon (6) takes you to the push menu
  • With the New button (7), you can start the App Wizard and build a new test app. You can build as many as you like with your Purple DS account
  • The top-right search field (8) allows you to search through the list or app names