You need the following files to create all the required certificates and signing your app for iOS devices.

Once you have successfully created the App Build Certificates in the Apple Developer Account, please enter the information in the Purple DS Manager, in  "Build Settings"  under "iOS." Details about uploading push certificates you will find in  Setting Up the Push Certificates in Purple DS Manager.

Purple DS - Create iOS certificates in Apple Developer Account

Tutorial content (6:27 minutes, English)

  1. Create new app ID and package name (Bundle ID), activate push notifications and register in app
  2. Create  the Certificate Signing Request (CSR). You only have to go to your Apple Developer account.
  3. Create  CER file.This has to be done for every app you want to publish as well as for the push certificate of this app.
  4. Export of app build P12 certificate
  5. Create Provisioning Profile
  6. Export of push P12  certificate

App ID

To sign on app for iOS devices, you will require the following files:

  • App ID

    An App ID is a unique identifier that iOS uses to enable your app 

    • to connect to Apple's push notification service
    • share keychain data between applications and 
    • communicate with external hardware components that you wish to connect to your iOS application. 

To install your app on an iOS-based device, you must create an App ID in the   Apple Developer Account  .

Step 1   of the video shows how to create an app ID and its properties like push notifications or in-app purchases.

App Build P12 certificate

The P12 certificate is the build certificate. This certificate signs an app and links it to your iTunes Connect account.

In order to export the P12 certificate, you will need the  Certificate Signing Request (CSR) (  step 2  of video) and the  CER file   (  step 3   of video)  in the Apple Developer Account  under  Certificates> Production> App Store and Ad Hoc  .

tep 4  shows how to export the app build P12 certificate from  the  CER  file During export, you have to set a password. Note it down and save it carefully. It is needed in Purple DS Manager to start the app building process.

Provisioning profiles

A mobile provisioning profile is a combination of App ID and distribution certificate. It authorizes your app to use certain services (such as push notifications) and ensures that your app is submitted by you. As a result, mobile provisioning profiles are linked to a certain Mac.

Step 5  of the video shows how to create the provisioning profile in the Apple Developer Account under  Provisioning Profiles> Distribution> App Store  .

PUSH p12 certificate 

This certificate allows you to upload it to your DS.

Note  :  During step 1 you already have to activate push notifications, so, later on, you can create the P12 push certificate as shown in step 6 of the video.

In order to export this push P12 certificate, you need again the  Certificate Signing Request (CSR) (created in step 2). Now you have to create a new  CER  file  for push.

Step 6  of the video shows how to create the push P12 certificate in  the Apple Developer Account  Certificates Production Apple Push Notification Service SSL  .