You also have the option of displaying your content in a browser via a web newsstand. As a result, your content will be displayed in a similar manner to the app (including cover and "read" button). In addition, you have several options to provide a login to your web newsstand.

All issues can be opened in a browser with a read mode. All assets like videos, MP3, animations or links are available to your readers. You do not have to build a separate issue for the web. The PKAR file wants to be transformed into an HTML file. If you want to offer a specific web version of an issue please check here how to upload this version of an issue to Purple DS Manager.

The styling of the web newsstand can be configured by a CSS file which has to be part of the dynamic contentAn individual naming or more languages can be used in "Textkeys" in the menu Translations.

1.   Overview of all issues of the first publication (see the order in Purple DS Manager). The arrow on the right side will open a drop-down list of all available publications assigned to the app resp. web newsstand. 

2.  This text is set in the description of the publication within Purple DS Manager. 

3.   Issue incl. Cover image, page number and "Read" button to open the issue  

4.  Feedback Mail Button - to be activated within web settings in "Basic Settings"

1.  Opened issue within browser window  

2.  Table of content: This strip can be opened and closed by the "3 dots" toggle. A click on one of the thumbnails will open the chosen page. Hovering over a thumbnail wants to show the page title 

3.  Arrows on the right and left side are used to browse through the pages

4.   Here you can read the issue and go back to the web newsstand

Activation and setting up your web newsstand  :

  1. Activate   Web Newsstand
      Activate the checkbox in order to activate the web newsstand. More options available at the end of this page under "Web"
  2. Web News URL
     You have to go to URL extension to get a valid URL at<URL Extension>. You can open the web newsstand at this URL and see all published live content. 
    Note: To see the preview of an article or issue, please enter the following: Preview=true
     Sample URL for the preview version of the web newsstand:

  3. Domains for Sharing
     Purple DS content is published on a domain which is managed by you. It is not relevant for configuring the web newsstand

  4. Web News Content Content Strategy

    This option sets the  Content Fit Strategy  for the web newsstand
    • MAGAZINE   - This strategy is best for long pages, to scroll down. Each page will be spread to the full width of the browser window, eg. 1024px. The length will be proportionally sized
    • CONTENT FIT INSIDE - This strategy wants to re-size all content. This strategy is recommended for PDF files which mostly consist of double pages
  5. Web Newsstand Login Type
     As an alternative to a payment solution you can choose between different options for a login from an entitlement server to the web newsstand:

    • NONE  - The web newsstand will be opened without a login and all published issues and publications will be available

    • COUPON  - In Purple DS Manager you can create coupon codes and share them with your readers. When you read this code at the start screen you can see all assigned issues and publications

    • ENTITLEMENT  - Purple DS Entitlement offers you the opportunity to provide your readers with a login. As an alternative, you can connect your own entitlement system with Purple DS Manager. When they open the web newsstand they enter their username and password. When they are logged in successfully they can see and read all assigned issues and publications

    • ENTITLEMENT-OPTIONAL  - With this option you can mix free and "entitled" content. When a user opens the web news they can see all free issues. If the user has an account for the entitled section he can log in and get all assigned and "entitled" content. The attached issues need to be flagged "Entitled"

  6. Web Newsstand Styles URL
     As a default, those settings are saved in a CSS file inside the dynamic content As an alternative, you can save the data on your own server. Please enter the URL of the files here, so it will be used for the web newsstand 

  7. Web Newsstand Feedback Mail

    This option wants to activate a button in the web newsstand so that users can send an email if they have technical issues or feedback for you. The recipient and all texts are set and managed within the dynamic content. Please check  here  to see how these files are created

  8. Web News Show All Issues

    With this option, all issues will be visible on the web newsstand. The full version is available for an individual payment solution
  9. Web Newsstand Purchase URL
    This URL can be read from the web newsstand. The requested "issueId", "issueNo" and the "token" of the registered user wants to be handled as query parameters. You can enter this field Web URIs (http: // or https: //) or a relative path to an HTML file within the dynamic content. So you can use an individual HTML design

  10. Web Newsstand Purchase Preview URL
     This URL is an alternative to the above listed " Web Newsstand Purchase URL ". This newsstand provides a full version of the issue and a preview version  of this issue

  11. Web Newsstand Subscription URL
     This URL is for individual subscription processes. You can enter this field  Web URIs (http: // or https: //) or a relative path to an HTML file within the dynamic content. So you can use individual HTML design
  12. Forward Mobile Devices to App Store
    When you activate this option, you will be forward to the app.  Therefore you have to go  to the app  in the basic settings

  13. Please save all settings. All the changes have not been made to the apps. Just reload the website in the browser. Please note that there might be some data in the cache of the browser. Empty the cache to make sure all data and settings will be reloaded