Purple DS apps support tracking via several different tracking services. You can find more information about tracking in the technical documentation.

There are three different types of events:

  • Actions
  • Views
  • Purchases

Additionally, if the tracking service supports this, there are several attributes which describe the state of the app/usage by a user.

A list of events can be found here and in the technical documentation.

Not all event types are supported by all tracking services.

Tracking Services supported by Purple DS

  • Google Analytics (part of standard Purple DS license)  
    Actions, views, and purchases are tracked.

  • Google Analytics for Firebase
    A free app measurement solution that provides insight on app usage and user engagement.

    Actions are tracked.

  • Adjust
    Mobile App Analytics  
    Actions and purchases are tracked. It is possible to differ between platforms.

  • Adobe Analytics  
    Actions, views, and purchases are tracked. 

    Adobe Analytics supports sending custom parameters for actions, views, and purchases.

  • Facebook
    Facebook Analytics for Apps  
    The installation of the app is tracked.

  • Flurry
    Part of Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite  
    Actions are tracked.

  • IVW
    German Information Society
    Views are tracked.