You can edit the properties of a publication at anytime by clicking the arrow to the right of the publication's name. The dropdown menu offers you the following options:

  1. Edit 
    This allows you to revise an existing publication. It is the same menu as create  New Publication . Please save any changes. These will be visible after restarting the app. You do not have to rebuild the app for this adjustment!
  2. Edit subscription 
    Here you will find an overview of subscriptions and you can also create new App Store subscriptions. Learn more about  subscriptions  
  3. Edit properties 
    This area is used for technical settings. If you wish to make settings here, please contact sprylab first
  4. Import issues 
    With this option, you can automatically create issues (without a PKAR file) via CSV. This is especially useful if you are looking to import old issues (back issues) to Purple DS app
  5. Shift right and Shift left
    You can specify the order of newsfeeds or publications for the app, meaning you can move a newsfeed or publication right and left. The newsfeeds are displayed in the same order in the app. The further left the publication is displayed in the manager, the further up the list it appears in the app
  6. Remove from app 
    This setting removes the publication from the app. However, the publication remains with all the issues in the Manager. It can be found under Publication in the Manager menu