In Purple DS Manager, create a new publication as follows:

  1. Select the desired app and go to the "Content" tab (1 and 2)
  2. Click on "Newsstand" (3)
  3. Click on the plus sign (4). A box opens with an overview of all publications in your account that are not yet apart of your app 
    • If you wish to add an existing publication, you only need to select it in the list. It will immediately appear in the overview
    • If you wish to create a new publication, you can do so by selecting "Create new publication" (5). You can only specify and save the name 
      • You can specify the time zone for the publishing deadline
      • News, but not in the apps
      • With "Enable Print Subscription", you can link to individual entitlement system
      • "Language" is a setting for filtering the same content in various languages and displaying devices with the corresponding device language. It does not refer to the app's language settings. It is recommended that the "Any" setting be used for content in only one language. This ensures that the content will be displayed irrespective of the device language
      • With the "Free Consumption", "Deactivate Issues after", and "Delete Issues after" settings, you can make a publication or newsfeed, including all content, freely available for a certain number of days and then convert it to paid content again
  4. Afterwards, save the data (6 and 7)
     Publication data can be changed or changed at a later time.

You still do not have any issues. As a result, they do not appear in the app either. Afterwards, add issues (see issue ).