General Information

We use an SFTP server to transport your content to Sprylab. After setting up your access, you will receive your individual credentials from us. On the server you will find a directory with the name of your publication. You will upload your content as PDF or Zip files to this directory.

For transferring your PDF or Zip files to us, you need a so-called SFTP client. We recommend the free version of the program FileZilla. 

After the upload, the files are picked up by our importer and imported into the Purple Manager. 

The Importer will need additional information to identify which files should be imported for which edition. To do this, a CSV file with that information must also be placed in your folder on the sFTP server. More details about the content and structure of the CSV file can be found here.


  • Login credentials: Server, Username, Password (will be sent to you)
  • sFTP Client: recommended - FileZilla - free basic version


Here we describe how to set up the SFTP server in FileZilla and upload files in a few steps. 

  1. After the installation, first start FileZilla.
  2. Click on the server icon in the upper left corner to start the site manager.

  3. In the server manager view, click on New Site

  4. Name your new Site and select the SFTP protocol on the right.

  5. Enter the login data you received from us - server/host (1.), user (2.) and password (3.). Other fields should remain unchanged. By clicking on Connect, the connection to the SFTP server is established.

  6. After the connection is established, you can access the SFTP folder named Upload. You'll find the folder in the right half (2.) of the FileZilla interface. In this folder you will find the subfolder of your publication. On the left side (1.), the local folders of your computer are displayed. From there you can now upload files to the Upload subfolder of your publication.

  7. You can trigger the upload in different ways. For example by double-clicking on the desired file in your local folder - or by right-clicking on the file and selecting Upload in the context menu.