The Application Loader is in the iTunes App Store. With this tool, you can upload app builds to iTunes Connect.


  • You can download Xcode which contains the latest version of Application Loader version from the MAC Store.

How to Upload a Build Using the Application Loader

  1. To upload a build with the Application Loader, launch the application on your machine and log in to iTunes Connect
  2. Click on the button labeled "Deliver Your App"
  3. Click on the "Choose" button
  4. Select the IPA file that you downloaded from Purple DS Manager
  5. In iTunes Connect you want to upload a summary of the app. Click on the "Next" button
  6. Once you upload the file, it will be listed under "My Apps" in iTunes Connect
  7. There you will find under "My Apps"> [APP_NAME]> Activity> "All Builds" the summary of the uploaded app with the status "In progress". After a few minutes and when all the necessary data has been entered, the status notification will be gone and you will receive an email with the information of a successful upload.
  8. Then, navigate to App Store> under iOS App select the build you've just uploaded (will have a yellow dot) and select "Submit for Review" in the top right corner