In Purple DS apps there are some components that could be adapted dynamically. Read more about Design and Structure of Dynamic Content.

By default, each new app is built with a set of standard assets for dynamic content. You can download this file from the Manager and customize this sample to customize the app menu and other assets.

Download the sample

  1. Open extended menu.
  2. Click on "Dynamic".
  3. With a click on this icon ("Download"), you can download the sample, a ZIP file.
    Now you can customize the file and add new entries to the app menu, change icons or upload your own FAQ pages as HTML.

A. With one click on this upload icon you can select and upload the ZIP file with your individual assets.
B. This sets an individual configuration back to the standard assets.
C. Clicking on "Copy as Release Content" will copy the dynamic content from the preview version of the app to the live version.

Compress assets and upload content


If you wish to upload the customized dynamic content, select the "default" folder and compress it into a ZIP file. If you would like to add different versions of the app menu for iOS and Android or add more languages to "default", you have to mark the folders, e.g. "ios" or "android" and "default", "de", and "en" and collectively convert it into a ZIP file (see here for technical documentation). 

Afterwards, upload the ZIP file. 

  • To do so, click on the three dots on the right in the menu above and go to the "Dynamic" entry (1 and 2).
  • Click on "Upload Preview Content" and load the ZIP file in the menu for dynamic content (3).

This content will be re-loaded into the app when the app is reset (not just loading the app from the background). 

Note: Please always first test all entries in a preview app and check the content.