General information

With Purple DS you have the opportunity to create a preview app that allows you to test new content, custom app designs and new Purple DS technologies before incorporating them into your live app.

This app is only available to members of your team account or testers that you add via an invitation link.


Log into the Purple DS Manager and go to the App Details page

  • Click on the button "Build App" (1).

  • In the following dialog (2) the option Preview App (2.1) is pre-selected. You only have to define for which platforms it should be built (2.2).

  • Finally click "Build" (3) to start building the new app version. This takes a few minutes. Then you can install the new version on your mobile devices.

Installation of the preview app

You can use the QR Code to install a finished app on a smartphone or tablet.

Start the QR Code scanner on your device (usually the camera on new devices) and scan the QR Code from the screen. The QR Code Reader should then display a link that you select. You will automatically be directed to the mobile browser.

Tap on "Install" and follow the download instructions. For iOS devices you still have to trust "sprylab technologies" as a developer. Learn more about this from Apple.