1. General Information

Introductory offers for auto renewable subscriptions are an extension of the normal App Store subscriptions and make it possible to offer special introductory prices for new subscribers. 

If you already use App Store subscriptions in your app, you can also offer introductory offers from Purple Template version 7.1. 

The Apple App Store allows 3 different types of offers: 

  • Pay up front: The user pays a fixed price in advance for a certain period of time.
  • Pay as you go: The user pays the offer proportionally per period, e.g. once a month for 3 months.
  • Free Trial: The offer is free of charge for a certain period of time e.g. "4 weeks free".

After expiry of the introductory offer, the regular price for the subscription is automatically charged, unless the user has cancelled before the offer expires. 

For more details on introductory offers, see Apple's documentation.

2. Requirements

  • The App Storefront has to be configured for these offers. Please contact the Purple Support team.
  • Purple App Build Template: Version 7.1 and higher.
  • A subscription view for App Store subscriptions in your App.
  • The introductory offer needs to be configured in App Store Connect.

3. Instructions

Detailed instructions are available on the App Store Connect Help-pages.

Introductory offers for auto-renewable subscriptions can be added to the existing subscriptions in the In-App purchases section of App Store Connect. You will find the option in the subscription prices box: