You can use personalized fonts in a Purple DS app. Make sure you have the proper license rights for use on the web and app.

We recommend Google FontsThis gives you license-free fonts in TrueType format.

The fonts used must be uploaded to Purple DS Manager before building an app so that the design and layout can be properly displayed in the app.

  • Fonts have to be in TrueType or Open Type format (e.g. OpenSans-Italic.ttf or OpenSans-Semibold.otf).
  • All fonts must be in a ZIP file and may not be in a sub-directory in the ZIP file. Therefore, select the TTF and OTF files directly and compress them.
  • The spelling of the individual TTF and OTF file name must match the fonts PostScript nameOtherwise, you will get the following error message: "In Roboto.ttf the file name and PostScript name are not identical. This is not allowed."
    NOTE: The PostScript name (see 3. screenshot below) of a font can be found in your computer's Font Book. The name usually consists of the font family (1) name and the font style (2), e. g. Roboto-Light. The corresponding file extension (.oft or .ttf) must then be used for the file.
    A special variant is the "regular" font style. The file name for the Purple DS Manager must also contain the font style, e.g. "Roboto-Regular", even if the PostScript name is only "Roboto". Otherwise, there would be a mix-up with the font family and could not be assigned correctly.

  • Using the preview app, you can verify if fonts are still missing. The file name of the font will be displayed in the error notification. Please compare the displayed font with the one in the ZIP file. The spelling, including special characters and spaces, must match exactly - otherwise, it can not be assigned to the app.

If all fonts are completed, please upload the ZIP file.

  • After logging into Purple DS Manager, please click on your app and switch to the "App Design" tab (1).
  • Open the "General" menu and then "Basic Settings" (2 + 3).
  • Upload the ZIP file by clicking on the "Select" button and selecting the appropriate ZIP file (4).
  • Afterwards, save the changes; otherwise, they will be lost (5).

The requested fonts are available after re-building the app (build).