When you create a new app or content you can make different settings to optimize content is displayed on different screens.

  • Content-Fit Magazine
  • Content-Fit PDF
  • Content-Fit Inside

Content-Fit Magazine
  All content will be scaled proportionally to 100% screen width. 

This strategy is best for pages which are long wallpapers like shown in the following sketch. It is especially useful when you design your content in a vertical page layout. So it wants to look good in both side orientations (portrait and landscape) and on tablet and no matter what aspect ratio the different displays have.

content fit magazine

Content-Fit PDF

All content (including animations) will be scaled proportionally to 100% screen width, the title page is excluded as shown in the following sketch. When the mobile device is rotated to portrait mode, the view adapts and displays only one page (proportional to 100% page width), with the left side appearing first. In landscape mode, it shows both sides of a double page.

This content fit strategy is best suited for print layouts (A4 or letter size) with double-sided pages that are delivered as PDF. Especially on tablets, the content in both page orientations is displayed in a reader-friendly way. For this, the page rotation must be allowed in the app. On mobile phones zooming (up to 400%) should be allowed, otherwise text is hardly legible.

When Importing PDF files into the Purple DS Composer, this content fit strategy will be applied automatically and the zoom can be adjusted accordingly.

pdf content fit strategy

Content-Fit Inside

All contents (including animations) scale proportionally to fit on the screen of the device.The content is displayed centred, scrolling is not possible.

This content fit strategy is best for layouts that have been laid out for a specific page orientation, such as landscape orientation for tablet and desktop screens. The page rotation should be turned off in the app.

Content fit inside strategy