General information

To publish an iOS app to Apple's App Store, you will need the IPA file of your live/release app, which you download from the Purple DS Manager and then deploy to the App Store using Apple's App Transporter.

Download your iOS app package

Log in to the Purple DS Manager and go to the overview page of the app Click on the Apple icon to download the file.

After a click on the Apple symbol a pop-up window opens, in which all created app versions (preview and live versions) are listed.

Now select the desired live version (Preview Apps cannot be published)

Upload the app to Apple

If you have downloaded and installed the Transporter App, please start it and log in with your account data, which you also use to log in to the Apple Appstore to manage your apps.

Once you have successfully logged in you can now click on the Add/Add App Button to select the IPA file you downloaded from the Purple DS Manager in the first step.

After the app has been loaded into Transporter, you can finally upload it to the Appstore and select it as build

After a click on the "+" symbol a pop up appears, where you can select the uploaded version. There may be more versions available if you have provided earlier versions. 

With a click on the "Done" button the app version has now been uploaded to the store.

Have you not yet created an app in the Appstore or would you like to know how the publishing process works?

The official documentation from Apple explains all steps in detail.

If you need further support from us for this step, please let us know.