1. Click on the "Build App" button.
  2. In the following dialog, first select whether you wish to   build a preview app  or a release app (2.1). 
    Note:  If you are building a release app, you first need to specify the  platforms  for which it is intended to be built (2.2). his selection depends on the settings in the basic settings under "Select your target platforms for your app." Furthermore, for the release version, you must have the appropriate version number for the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Store (2.3),
    • Note: These numbers may be parallel to the numbers in Purple DS Manager. You can use the options "New minor version" and "New major version" options. If you don't want to or if you move your app to Purple DS and already use a different numbering, you can overwrite the version number with "Overwrite / set version" and set a numbering. 
      Please note that the previous version of the app will be overwritten.

  3. Finally, click on "Build" to begin building the new app version. It lasts a few minutes. Afterwards, you can install the new version on your mobile devices.