The App Wizard will automatically launch when you first open your new Purple Manager account. Otherwise, it can be reached by selecting Apps<New   .

The App Wizard allows for the configuration of new apps in four easy steps:

  1. In the first step, enter a name for your app and choose an icon. Alternatively, you can upload your own icon by selecting "Select Image" and navigating to the desired image. Please note that the icon must be 1024x1024 pixels in size as it is used for the splash screen. The icon can be adjusted afterwards at any time.
  2. In the second step, choose the devices for which the app is intended to be built. The app is created for phones and tablets in Android, iOS and Kindle by default.
  3. In the third step, you will need to specify the form of app you wish to build. The frequency with which you want to publish content will determine whether the app is issue-based, article-based or topic-based. App types can be combined with each other. 

Firstly, select the purpose of your app in the drop down menu 'Choose your app type'. Then, select how often your content will be published.

  • Issue-based (weekly or monthly). Also known as Newsstand      
    The home screen of your app is a newsstand or library of various issues. The issues are managed in the manager. This is just for a weekly or monthly publication schedule.
  • Article-based (regular / continuous). Also known as the newsfeed app      
    Your app's home screen is a newsfeed that provides direct access to your articles. The articles are managed using the Manager or linked CMS. Furthermore, the app has a newsstand, in which issue-based content can also be published. (Newsfeed with newsstand)
  • Topic-based (one-time). Also known as Single issue app      
    The home screen of your app is your content, and you offer one issue only. You can manage and update the content using the manager. 


  • A single-issue app can not be subsequently re-built into a newsstand or newsfeed.    
  • You can activate the "Newsfeed" feature in a newsstand app. If there is a newsfeed, the app will always start in the newsfeed before you can switch to the newsstand. 
  • You can get a newsfeed app by first building an app and then remove the newsstand entry from the app menu.

  1. Select Finish. After the wizard closes, you will be directed to the overview for your new app. This first app is a test app and can not be published in an app store yet. If the Manager has finished building the test app, you can install it on your device by scanning the QR code or by using the "App Link" functionality on your device.

 The app contains demo content after the initial build. You can delete them from the app and insert your own content in the "Content" menu (see editing publications).