General information

With Purple DS you have the opportunity to create a preview app that you can use to test new content, customized app designs and new Purple DS technologies before adopting them in your live app.

In order to build a preview app, appropriate certificates and mobile provisioning profiles must be created.


1. First, register your desired test devices in your Apple account.

This is an excerpt of the Apple Developer Documentation from 22nd of September 2022. 

Register devices in your developer account

After you collect the device IDs, you can register them all at once by putting the device names and identifiers in a file. Sign into your developer account, then:

  1. Select Certificates, Identifiers, and Profiles.

  2. Select Devices.

  3. Click Download Sample File for an example file.

  4. Customize the example file with your specific device information.

  5. Upload the device file.

For more information on multi-device registration, see Register multiple devices.

Add a single device by clicking the plus (+) button next to the Devices title. Specify the identifier and a name for the device. Use a name that makes the device easy to identify; for example, combine the owner’s name and device type, ”Ravi Patel’s iPhone 11”.

You can disable devices that you no longer permit to use your app: select the device and click Disable. Code signing doesn’t include the device while it’s disabled, but the device counts against the number of devices in the product family until your account renewal date. Disabling a device invalidates any provisioning profiles that include the device; automatic signing regenerates the profile the next time you build your app, or you can regenerate the profile manually if you’re not using automatic signing.

Please find further instruction in the external article

2. A provisioning profile and a P12 (dev or distribution certificate) need to be created for each app, that you want to test.

3. The mobile provisioning profile for test devices can also be created and downloaded in your Apple account.

Attention: The Mobile Provisioning Profile is stored as “ad hoc” instead of “App Store”.

Instructions: To the article

4. The P12 and Provisioning Profile need to be uploaded to Purple Manager.

Instructions: To the article

5. The iOS app preview can now be scanned as usual using the QR code in the Purple DS Manager, downloaded and tested on one of the devices you have registered.