General Information: 

Apple has introduced a mandatory privacy dialogue for apps on iOS 14, where the user can refuse the collection and disclosure of their activities (tracking). This dialogue is integrated in Purple Apps from template 6.3 and can be activated/deactivated in the basic settings of the app in the iOS area.

When launching an app for the first time that has been released with Template 6.3, iOS 14 users will be asked if they agree to the use of certain data after activation.

Note: The Privacy Dialogue is mandatory from 26.4.2021 for all apps that are submitted to the Apple App Store and fall under Apple's requirements.


What does this mean?

If the user agrees with this dialog, the app will continue to submit tracking data and there won't be any changes to the app functions.

If users decline, the app will no longer transmit tracking data. All integrated third-party SDKs will be disabled. 

Effects are: 

  • In-App Messages are not displayed
  • Push-notifications are displayed, but third-party evaluations are not executed (e.g. when clicking on deep links)
  • The app does not send crash reports to e.g. Firebase

When and where is the dialog displayed?

As of iOS 14, the dialog is displayed once the app is launched for the first time.

When using earlier iOS versions (up to iOS13), the dialog does not appear at first. Users will be asked for their consent at the next app start, once upgraded to iOS 14+.

If you already use a CMP tool like Sourcepoint: 

The iOS privacy dialog will be displayed first. If the user agrees, the CMP dialog will be displayed afterwards.

If the user declines, the CMP dialog will also be no longer displayed.

Can the dialog be customized? 

An adjustment of the dialog text is possible via the textkeys.xlsx file.

You can find out how to change entries here:

Text translation for app and web-newsstand


Purple Apps that support the dialog show the following default text:

Your data may be used to personalize services or advertisements provided to you and also for gaining insights to optimize our applications and offers. In case Social Media content like videos, tweets or feeds are consumed, data will be shared with 3rd party providers.

Can users change the settings after the first app start? 

Changes can be made in the settings of the app on the iOS device.

Important note

With the upcoming release of template version 7.1, Purple users will get more options to configure the tracking.