General information:

You can color your app by setting only 2 color values. Based on these two colors the Purple DS Manager automatically generates a color scheme for your app.

Primary color:

This is the primary color of the app design and usually corresponds to the color scheme of your corporate design or logo. The hexadecimal value of the desired color is required to determine this setting.

Secondary color: 

In addition to the primary color we require a secondary color. This should be chosen in contrast to the primary color so elements in the secondary color are easily recognized in the app or web kiosk. This setting also requires a hexadecimal value.  

Other colors: 

Gernerally almost all colors in the app can be customized for you. 

For example, texts are displayed in black on white background by default. 

You can also change these in the way described below - please note that this changes the automatically created color scheme, so that e.g. texts may be difficult to read. 

If you need some guidance here, please contact us. We will gladly help you with these adjustments.



Primary color: Hexadecimal value e.g. ff0000 for red.

Secondary color: Hexadecimal value e.g. 2C82C9 for blue.


Here we'll show you in a few steps, how to customize the colors of your Purple App: 

1. First, log in to your Purple DS Manager and open the overview page of your app.

2. Click on the App Design tab and then open the Basic Settings drop down in the tab General.

3. In the Color scheme section, you will find the primary color 01. and the secondary color 02

4. To adjust the colors you have 2 options

    a. You enter a hexadecimal value directly into the number field

    b. You click on the color field. A color selector window pops up, where you can choose a color value.


    To set the color value, click Save after the selection.

    Click the Reset to restore the last saved color value. 

5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save, or your changes will be discarded.

Please re-build and re-install the app on your device, for these changes to take effect.