Template 5.1

Android Support: 5.0 (Lollipop) - 10.0 (Q)

iOS Support: iOS 11 - iOS 13


Improved access to dynamic resources

With version 5.1 it is possible to access files within the dynamic resources in InApp Browser & Content WebViews using the resource schema. These URLs must have the following structure:


The path should point to a file within the dynamic resources. These paths are resolved based on the preferred languages of the device. 

The same applies to all relative paths if the html itself was loaded with this scheme. This allows to reduce the total size of the dynamic resource bundle by storing common files in the default folder and localization related files in the respective folders (e.g. de, en, ....). Individual resources for languages can now be overwritten.


Relative urls to other local folders don't work anymore (e.g. "../default/onboarding.html")

If you update the app to template 5.1, this scheme must be resolved (see graphic).

Configuration of the purchase proposal in preview issues

The buttons "Buy" and "Download" in the purchase suggestion for preview issues are now configurable. It is now possible to display one Custom HTML page at a time. The HTML pages are loaded from the dynamic resources.

Extension of the Storefront-Javascript-API for querying individual outputs

There is a new getIssueById method that returns issue information about an issue ID. If the issue ID belongs to a preview output, the corresponding output is returned.

New action URL to open storefront in "Kiosk" context

The new action URL works like the previous action URL purple://app/resource/dynamic. Additionally the current output is closed and the Storefront-HTML is displayed in the "Kiosk".

Discontinued Purple DS Modules

Support for iOS 10 removed

As a replacement for the UIWebView which is no longer supported by Apple, a change to newly used technologies such as the WKWebView is necessary. This requires iOS 11 as the minimum operating system.

Support for Amazon Kindle devices removed

Amazon Kindle is no longer supported. Apps can no longer be launched on Kindle devices.


Change to WKWebView

WKWebView will be in Purple DS Apps in the future the replacement for the no longer supported UIWebView.

With the introduction of these new webview technologies some bugs will be fixed, among others the handling of audio controls, opening new windows and offline thumbnails in HTML storefronts.

Supported 3rd Party SDK-Versions

Android Version
iOS Version
Firebase Analytics17.
Firebase Messaging19.
Firebase In-App Messaging18.
Adjust Android4.
Adobe Mobile4.
Appboy / Braze3.
Facebook SDK
AWS Pinpoint2.
Buzz SDK3.
Play Store Billing Library2.0.3/