If you created your first article in the DS Hub and saved it as a draft, you can now publish it in your demo app and on the test website. Follow these steps:

22. Document settings

23. Publishing Channel: App

24. Publishing Channel: Web

25. Add categories

26. Thumbnail of the Article

27. Publish the Article in App and Web

22. Document settings 

In the menu "Document" on the right side you can make various settings for your article:

  • Define publication date ("Status & Visibility")
  • Set channels for publishing the article ("Publishing channels")
  • Select categories and add them to the article ("Categories")
  • Set thumbnail of the article ("Featured Image")
  • Trigger publication of the article ("Publish")

23. Publishing Channel: App

Activate this option to publish the article in your demo app. The publication date set above applies. The QR code with the link to the app for installation can be found at the bottom of the DS Hub Dashboard. Scan the QR Code to install the app on your mobile device. Read more about the app structure here in the knowledgebase.

A. Team in Purple DS Manager (backend to distribute articles and issues to the app)

B. Demo App in the Purple DS Manager

C. Feed (= news feed in the app, serves to structure the content, e.g. for different languages or magazine titles or topics)

D. Article (= "Issue"), please note: the name of the article results from the "Post Title" (above the cover block)

E. If the "Exclude post title" option is activated, the "Post Title" framed in yellow is not displayed in the layout. The article will then start with the cover image and title.

24.Publishing Channel: Web

Activate this option to publish the article on the website. The publication date set above also applies here. Therefore, the button for publication on the web will not turn blue until the publication date is reached.

F. There are other publishing channels for social media channels, Apple News and Apple News+, as well as Amazon Alexa.

25. Add Categories 

Here you can assign the article to different categories by ticking one or more of the already created categories in the list (see screenshot below). These categories act as filters on the website and in the app to help users find relevant content more quickly.

26. Thumbnail of the Article

The thumbnail of the article also called "Featured Image" is displayed in the overview of all articles together with the name of the article. If no thumbnail is added, a gray area is used as a placeholder.

Like all other image assets, the thumbnail can be added from the Media Library or uploaded from your computer.

27. Publish Articles in App and Web

Scroll back to the top of the window and click "Publish". This will automatically publish the article to the web and app at the time you set. No further manual effort is needed.