If you would like to replace a complete font (incl. different font styles), e.g. for design reasons or because the licensing of a font is no longer valid, you can implement this in the Purple DS Composer easily.

You use "Font Mapping" to replace the font for the entire project. Then you have to activate the customizing of the CSS for the export. After exporting, the corrected project is available to you. The design should be checked in the app, e. g. the size of the text boxes in relation to the newly formatted font.


First, select a text box whose font is to be replaced.

  1. Go to the window menu (top) and select "Format".
  2. Select "Font Mapping".
  3. In the new dialog box, use "+" to create a new parameter for a font and style.
  4. You define the font to be replaced ("source font name"). Each font style must be defined and replaced individually.
    The name of the source font refers to the file name of the font. It is case-sensitive, including spaces and special characters. The file name must be based on the PostScript name, composed of the font family and font style, e. g."Helvetica-Light", for identification.
    The PostScript name of a font can be found in the Font Book details on your computer.
    For "regular" font styles, you must specify the font family and the style, even if the PostScript name does not contain the font style "regular".
  5. Then you define the new font ("target font name").
    The target font also refers to the PostScript name of the font as uploaded to Purple DS Manager. (Article for uploading font files).
  6. You also define the "target font family" as a fallback.
  7. With "Close" these settings are saved and after the configuration of the CSS the fonts are replaced in the export.
    IMPORTANT: You do not see any immediate changes to the text on stage in the Composer. The change is only visible after the export.


Export des Projekts

You must configure the CSS behavior in the export process before the first export.

  1. Go to "File" in the window menu.
  2. Click "Export Storytelling Archive...".
  3. In the new dialog click on "Settings...".
  4. Then select "Edit profile...".
  5. In this window go to "CSS".
  6. Activate "Substitute Fonts in CSS".
  7. "Close" the dialog. This saves this configuration for later exports.
  8. With "SYNC" you can start the export and simultaneous upload of the project to the Purple DS Manager.
    NOTE: It is possible that the old/wrong fonts may still be displayed in the upload dialog because the exchange is only carried out during export and therefore all fonts used in the project until then will be displayed.