If your Purple DS app has a newsstand  and  one or more newsfeeds, you can choose which view (ie storefront) to displayed when opening the app. For more information about building apps, newsstands and newsfeeds, click here

Additionally, you can create an individual HTML page as a starting point for the app. This 'HTML storefront' can be forwarded to an existing newsstand or newsfeed. On the other hand, it can be used as an anonymous piece of equipment or newsfeed (eg displaying covers, downloading content, opening the app menu, etc.).


1.       App start point

Choose between the three different options (1);

  • Newsstand  : The app starts in the overview of the included issues
  • Newsfeed: The app launches in the first newsfeed. More information can be found          here 
  • Custom HTML start point:     If you have your own HTML page, you can set it here as a starting point

2.       Enabled storefronts

Here you can specify which views / storefronts should be activated. Purple DS can both views at the same time.

  • (2) Activate Newsstand:     The 'newsstand' or 'library' displays issues (classic magazine format). These can be structured or filtered via 'Publications'. This option is suitable for content that appears weekly or monthly
  • (3) Activate Newsfeed:     The newsfeed storefront contains articles. These can be structured by several news feed and arranged thematically. News feeds are suitable for continuous content publishing

3.       Custom HTML start point

You can program a custom HTML storefront that uses the technical features of both the newsstand and newsfeed with the help of Action URLs.  This HTML page can be found in front of the newsstand and newsfeed.  With a link in the app menu or on the page you could change to all content.  Read the technical documentation      here     .  Save the HTML page in the     dynamic content    and enter the corresponding path in the field '01.  Path to HTML file within dynamic resources' (4). 

5. Title Bar

This option activates the title bar in the app. Therefore, the HTML page no longer displays the title bar (for app menu and icons). The screenshot below shows and example of a title bar for reference: