A Purple DS app is made up of several layers, which include the app frame and the app content. Examples of app content are issues, brochures and articles.

The  app  "frame"  is the piece of software that can be installed on smartphones and tablets. The installation of the app is independent from the download of the app content. A change in the software does not effect the app's content, as well as changes within the app.

Part of the app " frame " is the   app design   (eg icons, colors, splash screens) and   several app functions   (eg newsstand, newsfeed, subscription, entitlement). They can be defined in Purple DS Manager. Additionally the app " frame " includes the publisher's signature ( certificates  for iOS, Android and Kindle). These certificates are necessary to submit the apps in the different app stores.

All  content  can be created through the different   Purple DS workflows  and it will be structured through a   newsstand or news feed  . Please see the image below.

A  newsstand  or  library  holds  issues that are typically created in a magazine style, containing a bundle of articles. For example a customer magazine, brochure or e-mag. 
Within the newsstand the issues can be sorted by publications (periodicals). In this way, users can filter issues by selecting a specific publication or all publications and get a better overview.

You can also use  newsfeeds  as an alternative to a newsstand. A newsfeed holds  articles . The focus is on continuous publishing for short and short-term content. The articles are displayed in a chronological order, and you can structure the newsfeed like publications into different channels with different topics.

The issues or articles are generated by the different workflows either in the Purple DS Composer, Purple DS Templating Client or directly from a content management system in the Purple DS file format .pkar. These files are loaded into the Purple DS Manager, which delivers them correctly to the app (  more about managing content  ).

Learn more in our video tutorial:   "Purple DS Manager - Managing Your Content"  .