You can enable the Feedback feature in your Purple DS Manager app. This makes it easier for users to report problems and errors. This email may also contain some technical information to assist the support team find a solution faster. The email addresses are defined in the dynamic content. 

Since app template 3.2 three more files are necessary in dynamic content:

  • email_feedback_config.json
  • email_feedback_subject.mustache
  • email_feedback_body.mustache

The samples are encoded in UTF-8.

Please save these additional files to the root folder of dynamic content, eg "default / email_feedback_config.json".


This file includes all e-mail addresses of recipients for this technical information. It is possible to include two or more recipients as well as add recipients to CC or BCC.

  "recipients": { 
    "to": [ 
    "cc": [ 
    "bcc": [ 


This file includes the subject for the feedback mail.

{{appName}} - App Feedback ({{platform}})


This file contains a standard body text for the messages as well as some technical information that are relevant to the support team.

{{appVersionLabel}}: {{appVersion}} 

{{deviceModelLabel}}: {{deviceModel}} 
{{osVersionLabel}}: {{osVersion}} 
{{manufacturerLabel}}: {{manufacturer}} 
{{deviceIdLabel}}: {{deviceId}} 
{{connectionLabel}}: {{connection}}