With the Sync Workflow, you can synchronize your content directly from the Composer to Purple DS Manager. Content is now approved for "Preview" and can be verified with test apps. You can post the final approval for live (release) apps directly in the Manager.

  1. Click on "Sync" on the top left in the composer. A sync dialog opens
  2. Purple Manager is automatically selected. If you are a member of several teams, you can select the desired team here. Afterwards, select the app in which the content is intended to be loaded (2.1). Or you can create a new app in Purple DS Manager (2.2)
  3. If the app already contains publications and issues, you can select the desired publication and issue here (3.1). Or you can create a new publication and / or issue (3.2)
    • New Publication
      1. Create a new publication by clicking on "New Publication"
      2. Fill out the appropriate fields. Click on "Create"
    • New Issue
      1. Create a new publication by clicking "New Issue"
      2. Fill out the appropriate fields. At least a name and a cover image must be specified. Click on "Create"
  4. These project files are already selected and contain all relevant assets (MP3 and MP4).




  • For the existing issue, a new version wants to be created and made visible in the preview mode. However, Purple DS Composer has no option for commenting on the new issue. If you have created tablet and phone variants of an issue, please load it using manual synchronization in Purple DS Manager, since the Composer would create a new version, as previously described.
  • All issues and publications can be reworked via the Manager later on, eg launched live for the live (release) app.
  • You must upload personalized font styles separately in Purple DS Manager. Learn more about personalized font styles .
  • Alternatively, you can use manual synchronization