If you have completed a project in Purple DS Composer, you can export it using the following steps and save it locally as a PKAR file. Afterwards, you can upload the data to the desired app in Purple DS.

Tip : In addition to exporting content, this workflow is also used for exporting ad banners.

  1. Click on "File" (1) on top of the window's bar and select menu "Export Storytelling Archive" (2)
  2. In the following step, you can define the export settings and begin the storytelling file (PKAR) (3)
  3. As soon as exporting is complete, the Finder window opens and displays the export data. The folder is a temporary file. Therefore, it is recommended that you temporarily save the data in a project folder. You only need to save Purple DS file (* .pkar). It would be good to rename and give it a meaningful name. You do not need the other files for uploading into the manager

Afterwards, you can upload this PKAR file to Purple DS Manager. More information on Uploading a PKAR File.