With the "sharing.properties" file, you can make e-mail templates for recommending (sharing) your app or issues. 

Use the following template. You can customize the green text parts.


You can enter the "app.url" if you want to download a link from the app stores. You could also leave this empty so it will use the fallback solution which is to automatically generated a page with download links based on the app store URLs entered in setting the basic settings of the app.

"app=" und "issue="

The two parameters "app=" and "issue=" are valid for Android devices.

"app.plaintext=" und "issue.plaintext="

iOS uses the two texts "app.plaintext=" and "issue.plaintext=". On iOS, the app URL or issue URL is automatically added at the end of the mail.

The texts have been formatted with "ISO 8859-1" in order to show special characters correctly.  

app=Hi, I would like to recommend you the app "SPRYLAB": {appUrl}
issue=Hi, I would like to recommend you this issue form the app "SPRYLAB":{issueUrl} Here you can download the app:{appUrl}

app.plaintext=Hi, I would like to recommend you the app "SPRYLAB":
issue.plaintext=Hi, please check the app "SPRYLAB": {appUrl} I would like to recommend you the following issue