If you have successfully created your subscriptions in the desired App Store developer accounts, such as iTunes Connect, you can save them in Purple DS Manager for your app as follows. 

  1. Open the desired publication by selecting the arrow to the right
  2. Click on the "Edit subscription" on the context menu and then on "New"
  3. Select the platform for which you have created the subscription (iOS, Android, or Kindle) 
  4. Give it a detailed name as it will later be displayed in the subscription area of the app
  5. Enter the subscription product IDs you have already created in the relevant App Store developer account
  6. Specify the type of subscription 
  7. Specify the duration of the subscription. This should match what you have already set up in the relevant developer account
  8. The "Order Index" specifies the display order of the various subscription offers in the app's subscription area
  9. The "Hidden" option is appropriate when you wish to offer a new subscription, but old subscription still need to continue
  10. The "Unlock all contents during period" checkbox is used to authorize all issues, including older issues of a publication, not just the beginning of a completed subscription
  • For Android, there is an option in the subscription area for the respective subscription. Otherwise, an automatically generated icon (a circle that fills on the duration) will be displayed.