Now that you have created a new issue, you can add content (.pkar files).

  1. Click on "Add content" to open the dialog box
  2. Drag and drop files (PKAR and media files as MP4 and MP3) to the "Select file" (2) area. Alternatively, click on "Select file" and look for the PKAR file you created and exported on your computer (     manual synchronization     ). Check the desired target platforms and devices (layout versions). Please note the different     versions of issues
  3. Click on "Upload"

NOTE  : 

  • You can select PKAR and media files at once. However, only one file will always be displayed in this dialog field
  • If you wish to use multimedia files (MP4 and MP3) in your project, you will probably need to upload a message. In this case, click on "Upload Asset"

If all files have been uploaded and the settings are as desired, publish the issue in the "Preview App". Once you confirm this, "On" will be displayed (4). However, the issue will  not  be shown in the "Release App"